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Candy Apple Supplies

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Waxed Interfolded Deli Paper

Popular pre-cut waxed sheets used to line food baskets and to serve Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. Added wet strength for improved performance, greater economy. 100% microwaveable for convenience and versatility.
From $4.75

Apple Set 4175

Apple Set Hardening Agent. A setting agent, emulsifier, flavor and color for making candy apples from scratch. 1LB. Container

Red Hot Apple Flavor

Red Hot adds that delicious Hot Cinnamon Flavor to your Candy Apples GM4135

Reddy Apple Mix 4146

This is the perfect product to make red, cherry flavor Midway Candy Apples at home. Complete and ready to use - Just add water. - Made in USA - Kosher and Pareve.

Apple-EZ 15oz - 4144

Apple-EZ is the professionals choice for making cherry red candy apples. Just add Sugar and Water then cook! - Made in USA - KOSHER & PAREVE
From $3.15

Victors Red Candy Apple Magic VI4156

Make homemade Red Cherry Candy Apples just like you buy at the County Fair. - Made in USA
From $3.22

Candy Apple Magic

Colored Apples - Make new & exciting variations of traditional candy apples. Try our Lime, Blue Raspberry, Grape, and Caramel mixes for hard candy apple coatings. Click on the detail button for pricing.
From $3.56

Wood Skewers 5-1/2" long

Wood Skewers - 5 1/2" long x 1/4" with sharp point. Use for Candy Apples, Caramel Apples, or Corn Dogs.
From $6.00

Apple Sticks Paper

Stiff Paper apple sticks - 5 1/2" long and blunt ended. These skewers should be considered when choosing a stick for the "safety factor".
From $14.50

Apple Settersticker 4006

Save a lot of effort and use the Apple Settersticker to safely insert sticks into the apple. It can be used with either wood or paper sticks.

Candy Apple Bags 4007

These poly plastic bags are excellent for presenting fresh candy apples. Bags are secured on a cardboard header of 100. A vivid picture of a Candy Apple is printed on each bag.
From $6.50

Cello sheets 12" x 12" - 1000 per package

Cello sheets 12 x 12 for wrapping hard candy apples. 1000 per package. Do not use for Caramel Apples, the caramel will stick to the cello. Use our 4 inch twist ties to seal the cello sheets.

Cello sheets 12" x 12" - 5000 per case

Cello sheets 12 x 12 for wrapping hard candy apples packed 5000 per case, 5 packages of 1000. Do not use for Caramel Apples, the caramel will stick to the cello. Use our 4 inch twist ties to seal the cello sheets.

Twist ties

Twist Ties 4" long, 2000 per box. Perfect for sealing poly bags or candy apple wrap.

Plastic Apple Bubbles

Plastic apple bubbles for packaging caramel or candy apples for easy take home. Clear Large Bubbles are hinged for easy use. Just put in the apple and snap it closed.
From $15.00

Rainbow Sprinkles

Rainbow Sprinkles - Carnival Blend Decorettes. Whether dipped or sprinkled on, this colored candy decoration is the perfect sweet sprinkling for your caramel or candy apples. 6 lb. carton - MADE IN USA -

Chocolate sprinkles

Sprinkle on the fun and add chocolate crunch to your Candy or Caramel Apples or any treat! - MADE IN USA - 6 lb. carton

Halloween Sprinkles

Halloween Mix Sprinkles. Add a Fall holiday tone to your candy apples or any sweet treat! Make your product unique. 1.5lb. or 6lb. ctn - MADE IN USA -
From $6.95

Granulated Peanuts - 30#

Granulated Peanuts 30 lb. bulk case. Perfect for rolling your candy or caramel apples in. Make your apples both tasty and attractive.

Chocolate Dip Coating 5519

Use to chocolate coat Apples, Cookies, Waffles, Fudge Puppies, etc. This superior Chocolate Coating is made with real cocoa butter. 40Lb. Tub

Economy dial thermometer - long probe

Economy dial thermometer with 12 inch long probe for checking temperature of Candy Apple Mix, syrups, sugar, and deep frying. Temperature range of 100 to 400 degree Fahrenheit.

Thermometer - Candy Dial Style

Value priced Candy - Deep Fry Thermometer. Ideal for syrups, sugar, and deep frying. Stainless Steel Design. Adjustable Clip and External Dial Arrow. NSF Listed   

Thermometer - Candy Long Style

Value priced Candy - 12" Liquid Deep Fry Thermometer. Sugar cooking requires that recipe temperature be followed carefully for perfect results. Deep fried foods are tastier and digest easier when fried at correct temperatures. Easily reads 110 - 400F. With Cool Touch handle. Waterproof Construction.   

Aluminum 18 x 26 sheet pans

Aluminum 18” x 26” sheet pans are excellent for use in making candy apples. Line the pan with our parchment papers to prevent sticking. NSF

Parchment Paper

Silicone coated Parchment paper is the perfect non-stick surface to place Candy and Caramel Apples to cool after dipping. This premium Baking Pan Liner is also used for quick release of baked foods.
From $2.75

Polycarbonate 12oz Scoop

Clear plastic scoop. Medium sized. Good for filling boxes, 8" and 10" bags, bowls, etc. Great for scooping nuts and toppings out of their big containers. Shatter resistant. NSF

Measuring Cups

Polycarbonate Plastic measuring cups. Resists breaking and chipping - One piece Construction - Externally Marked Graduations - Dishwasher Safe -
From $1.79

Lighted Funfood Signs Candy Apples

Lighted Funfood Signs