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Candy Apples

Candy Apples differ from Caramel apples because the candy mixture needs to be cooked to the hard crack stage (290-300 Degrees F). Cherry Red candy apples ( Reddy Apple Mix 4146, Apple Ez 4144, or Apple Magic VI4156) are the favorite. For other colored flavors of candy apples, try #VI4159 Grape Apple Magic, #VI4158 Blue Apple Magic, #VI4157 Lime Apple Magic, or #VI4160 Caramel Apple Magic.  Yes, they taste just like they look!

For max output and best results, we recommend the #GM4016 Double Batch Reddy Apple Cooker. The #GM4006 Apple Settersticker safely inserts either the VI10200 wood skewers or GM4005 paper sticks into the apples. #GM4007 Candy Apple Bags or #VI10440 Cello Wrap Sheets make a nice finishing presentation.