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Naks Pak Complete Kits For use in 6oz Poppers

Pop Weaver Special Hybrid Gold Popcorn. Convenient premeasured packages. Precisely the right amount of popcorn, popcorn oil (coconut) butter flavoring and butter flavored salt (flavacol). 36 - 8 oz. packages per case

For use in 6 oz. popcorn machine Kettles.  No waste. No Spills. Goof-proof. No Moisture loss.                                                             Superior Pop Weaver kernels assure  bigger fluffier tastier popcorn batch after batch.

These kits hold a special hybrid "Weaver Gold" popcorn and Flavacol flavored salt on one side. The other side contains butter flavored & colored Coconut Oil. Cut the oil side of the packet and squeeze into a warm kettle. Cut the corn & salt side and pour into the kettle immediately after the oil melts.  Close the lid and "Let the popping begin!"  The correct amount of both oil and corn results in fluffier, bigger kernels and fewer "Old Maids".    Total Net Wt. 8oz. (227g)/pkg.

Ingredients:        Popcorn Section:  Gourmet Popcorn, Salt, Artificial Flavor, Yellow #5 Lake, Yellow #6 Lake                                                                Oil Section: Coconut Oil, Artificial Butter Flavor, Beta Carotene (color), Soya Lecithin (an emulsifier).

Contains Soy Ingredients    0g. Trans Fat per Serving

Serving Size: 2Tbs. (34g)unpopped makes Approximately 4C popped                                                                                                           Servings Per Pkg: Approximately 7

Approximately 28 Cups Popped Corn per Pkg.                                                                                                                                  Approximately 1008 Cups Popped Corn per Case

36 - 8 oz. packages per case. 80 cases per pallet, call for pricing & freight quote 1-800-560-1120. Must have loading dock or forklift.

Naks Pak Complete Kits For use in 6oz Poppers Naks Pak Complete Kits For use in 6oz Poppers
SKU: W104329
Naks Pak Complete Kits For use in 6oz Poppers Naks Paks Supply for 6oz popper single pak
Naks Paks supply kit for 6oz. popper SINGLE PACKAGE
SKU: W104329
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