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Popcorn Buckets

These are the traditional Popcorn Cups found in most stadiums and theaters. These leakproof Tubs are ideal for adding a buttery topping.  Click the Detail buttton for dimensions.  Custom printing is not available.

This premiere paper popcorn tub is both leakproof and attractive. The bold red, yellow, black and white design commands attention. Easy to fill and a nice flat bottom for placing on a table or a lap.  The large portion sizes make sharing fun. Perfect for Theatres, Arenas, Stadiums, "Preium Venues" or just fun times.

Consists of pressure welded side seams and rigid tightly rolled rims. All sizes have VitaGlaze grease resistant coating which holds up to the hot buttery topping so many love to have poured on top of their popcorn.

V-24   Bottom Diameter 2.5",     Top Diameter 3.75",   Height 6.75"     .8oz Capacity       29lbs/cs./1M
VL-32 Bottom Diameter 3.25",   Top Diameter 4.5",     Height 5.75"      1oz Capacity       17lbs/cs/500
VB-46 Bottom Diameter 3.375", Top Diameter 4.875", Height 7"        1.5oz Capacity       21lbs/cs/500
VG-85 Bottom Diameter 5.625", Top Diameter 7",        Height 6.5"        2oz Capacity       12lbs/cs/150
V-130 Bottom Diameter 5.75",   Top Diameter 7.5",     Height 8.25        4oz Capacity       18lbs/cs/150
V-170 Bottom Diameter 6.375", Top Diameter 8.625", Height 8.375"     5oz Capacity      21lbs/cs/150




Popcorn Buckets Popcorn Bucket 24 oz. 1000/cs.
Popcorn Buckets Popcorn Bucket 32 oz. 50/sleeve
SKU: VL-32
Popcorn Buckets Popcorn Bucket 32 oz. 500/cs.
Popcorn Buckets Popcorn Bucket 46 oz. 50/sleeve
SKU: VB-46
Popcorn Buckets Popcorn Bucket 46 oz. 500/cs.
Popcorn Buckets Popcorn Bucket 85 oz. 25/Sleeve
SKU: VG-85
Popcorn Buckets Popcorn Bucket 85 oz. 150/cs.
Popcorn Buckets Popcorn Bucket 128 oz. 150/cs.
SKU: V-130CS
Popcorn Buckets Popcorn Bucket 170 oz. 150/cs.
SKU: V-170CS