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Popcorn & Nut Salt - 24oz

A finely flaked salt with NO yellow coloring or butter flavor for even coverage in popping corn or with roasted nuts. An essential ingredient for making kettle corn. - Product of USA

Diamond Crystal® popcorn salt features fine flake-type crystals that cling evenly to each of the kernels. Harvested through a proprietary Albereger® salt process, the crystals offer much more surface area than ordinary granulated salt.  The result is a popcorn salt with ultra-fine texture, exceptional adherence and pure flavor that delivers one great performance after another.

Net Wt. 24oz (1lb. 8oz (680g)).

Ingredients: Salt and Tricalcium Phosphate   This salt does not Supply Iodine.

Popcorn & Nut Salt Popcorn & Nut Salt - 24 oz.
SKU: VI10000
Popcorn & Nut Salt Popcorn & Nut Salt - case of 12/24 oz.
SKU: VI10000