2656 Ultra 60 Special on 2669CR Cart

This is our best selling popcorn machine. A great buy, features our EZ Kleen stainless steel kettle which is removable for easy cleaning.

Manufacturer part number: 2656 2669CR

The new Kettle Auto ShutOff is an improved safety feature for smaller popcorn machine operators. Operators can rest assured knowing their kettle will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of idle time.

Side shelf on cart included in price.


Additional benefits include

Reduce energy costs: Eliminate wasted electricity during idle times
Extends kettle life: Reduced heat and wear on the kettle extends the life of the kettle element

Simple to operate: A blinking light indicates the kettle has automatically turned off. Then, the operator can quickly re-heat the kettle whenever necessary.

6 oz. E-Z Kleen Kettle
18" w x 16" d x 62" h
Watts: 1220
10.2 Amps @ 115 volts
Shipping weight: 120 lbs.
Standard 15 amp plug


How to Choose the Right Sized Popcorn Machine


Products specifications
Kettle Size 6-oz
With Cart / Base Yes
Ships Separately Yes