5 ALARM BLAZEN "Hot" Flavor Additive

Hot & spicy additive for heating up your favorite fun foods!!! This Blazen Oil can easily be added to cheese, toppings, oils, or sprayed right on your finished product. 32oz Bottle - Kosher & Pareve - MADE IN USA GM2319
Manufacturer part number: 2319QT

For a delicious "Red Hot" kick add 2 ounces of this oil to a pound of your favorite sauce, oil, topping, or popcorn seasoning.  Let your imagination go wild! Or just spray it on.  How about Fries, Nuts, Corn Dogs, Chips, Cheese, and more. 5 Alarm Blazen added to your Popcorn Oil makes a sizzling treat.

Recommended Usage: 2oz per Pound (16oz.).  Flavor to Taste

These Products are Kosher and Pareve
Chabad Tri-State Kehilah Kosher

Ingredients: Vegetable oil (may contain 1 or more of the following: highly refined soy, Canola Oil -High Oleic Low Linolenic-Cottonseed, Coconut, Corn, Palm Oil, modified Palm Oil, partially hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil), oleoresin of spices, FD&C Red #40 lake (E129), TBHQ, sorbitan monostearate, and dimethylpolysiloxane

Gold Medal Products - Made in USA
Net Wt. 32 fl. oz. (0.95L)