9005 Churros/Fritterstix Extruder

Gold Medal 9005 Churros/Fritterstix Extruder. A unique filled confection is so easy to make with this complete machine from Gold Medal.
Manufacturer part number: 9005

The Gold Medal #9005 Hollow Churros extruder includes 2 cylinders and 4 end caps. Each cylinder holds about 4 pounds of dough and produces 1" thick churros.

Set the Churro Extruder on top of the fryer (not included) and extrude the churros one a time into the oil. They will curl a little. Fry, when done sprinkle with cinnamon sugar – it’s that easy! This extruder makes a churro with a hollow center that can be filled with caramel, jelly, chocolate, or your own special product.

We recommend the purchase of at least 2 extra 9009 cylinders to make production easier.

This unit works well with our 8050D Electric Fryer

24.5"W x 12.6"D x 27"H
Ship Wt. 40lbs.


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