Candy Apple Bags 4007

These poly plastic bags are excellent for presenting fresh candy apples. Bags are secured on a cardboard header of 100. A vivid picture of a Candy Apple is printed on each bag.

These Poly Bags have a satchel bottom that easily expands to fit around the candy apple's base.  Packed on a cardboard header, your able to keep the bags organized and efficiently pull off each bag as needed. A tasty bright red  apple image is preprinted on each poly bag.  Seal with a twist tie, ribbon, or for large production, use Gold Medals GM8905 Plastic Bag Sealer with GM8907 Tape.

Not recommended for use with caramel apples, they will stick.
Twist ties are not included.

Size: 6.25" x 6.25" x 2" bottom
1000 Bags per Case (10/100pkgs)

Candy Apples for All Events

Candy Apple Bags 100
Candy Apple Bags 4007
100 Bags (100 bags on Header)
Manufacturer part number: 4007
Candy Apple Bags case of 1000
Candy Apple Bags 4007CS
1000 Bags (10pkgs of 100 Bags on Headers)
Manufacturer part number: 4007