Candy Apples for All Events

Apple season is right around the corner! Theres no better time than now to stock up on Candy Apple supplies. The supplies that you choose all depend on the flavor and color of Candy Apple you desire to make. We have a number of flavors, colors and products for you to choose from. Our four major flavors/ colors are made by Apple Magic. The flavors include lime (green), blue raspberry (blue), grape (purple), and caramel (caramel). If you're looking for atraditional cherry candy apple, we have three different products for you to choose from. Our three big name products include Apple-Ez, Victors Red Candy Apple Magic, and Reddy Apple Mix. Try them all and choose your favorite one!

Whether it's for home or commercial use, we have the supplies for you. First, start by selecting your prefered brand and flavor. For at home use, I recommend using Reddy Apple Mix which will yield between 25-50 apples. Regardless of the brand you choose, prepare the mixture according to the directions on the bag. Skewer the apples wood or paper Candy Apple sticks (we have both kinds in stock). Dip apples into mixture, including a 1/2 inch up the stick. Spin the apple using the stick and your forfinger to remove any excess coating. Place the apples on a greased pan, or one that is covered with parchment paper so they can set. Once they have set, place the Candy Apples in an apple bubble or wrap them. Candy Apples generally have a shelf life of 2-3 days.

Quick Tip: To ensure the quality of your product, be sure to use un-waxed apples. A harder apple is prefered because they will keep longer. Typically people use a tart green apple. The apples should also be dry and at room temperature. Lastly, avoid using freshly picked apples. They will cause bubbles in the coating so be sure to use apples that have been picked several days in advance.