Caramel & Sweet Corn 35lb. bag**Unavailable**

Pop Weaver's Hybrid Mushroom Popcorn. For candy, caramel, & kettle corn. Round "Mushroom" shape. Less breakage. Uniform coverage *CLICK ON NAME FOR MORE INFO*
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Manufacturer part number: 106004

Caramel & Sweet mushroom popcorn kernels are perfect for any caramel, candy, or kettle corn operation. Pop's up in a "mushroom" or "ball" shape to resist breakage and provide an even, uniform coating.   Crunchy and durable!

MWVT Range 27-30                  
Avg. Kernels/10g=47
Moisture Range  13.5-14.5%

2107 (24oz) Cup Servings per 100lbs. 
 737  (24oz) Cup Servings per 35lbs.       

There is no wheat, barley, rye, or oats gluten in any Pop Weaver popcorn or in any of their raw material ingredients. Pop Weaver kernels do not contain nut ingredients and are manufactured in a separate building on separate equipment from any of their products that do contain peanuts and/or tree nuts.

 Mushroom Popcorn

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