Corn Oil Salt Portion Pak Kits with Coconut Oil

Corn/Oil/Salt Portion Pak Kits with Coconut Oil To Make Everyday Popping That Much Easier


          Everyone loves when something is convenient and easy. So why not have that when popping popcorn? Here at Popcorn Supply Company we sell a product called Naks Pak Portion Pak Kits. Try saying that five times fast! The kits are available in different sizes depending on the size of your kettle. The sizes that they are made in are 4 oz, 6oz, 8oz, and 12oz kits.

          The kits include the kernels, coaconut oil, and salt. The kernels are the traditional yellow kernels that pop up big and fluffy. They are also known as butterfly kernels because they have a wing like feature when they pop. In the side with the kernels there is also Flavacol. The Flavacol is a butter flavored salt that ads extra seasoning. Lastly, there is the coconut oil. This is the left side of the package. The oil is also infused with a butter flavoring that gives a deep rich taste. Many people hear coconut oil and think that it will taste like coconut. Don’t worry, I promise it tastes nothing like the fruit.

          When it comes to popping, these kits make life simple. Start off by turning your kettle heat and kettle motor on (there should be switches labeled at the top of your machine). Let the kettle warm up for a minute or two before adding the product. Cut the top of the left side of the packet that holds the oil. Squeeze the oil out into the kettle and let it melt for a few seconds. Once the oil is nice and melted, cut the other side of the package and dump the kernels and seasoning into the kettle. Don’t forget to close the lid to the kettle after you add the ingredients. Be sure to pay attention during the popping process so you don’t burn your corn. Rule of thumb: popcorn is ready to be dumped when you can count three seconds in between pops. Once your popcorn has popped all that’s left to do is eat it and enjoy!