Cotton Candy Martinis, For the Child In You

Cotton Candy Cocktails

Everybody loves having fun and testing out new drinks. Whats more fun than experimenting and creating your own signature cocktail. Cotton candy is a great ingredient to give your cocktail a special twist. Simply start by picking your favorite flavor of Flossugar cotton candy sugar. Here at Popcorn Supply Company, we have 12 different Flossugar flavors in stock.

Don't feel like making your own cotton candy? That's fine. We have Candee Fluff pre-packaged cotton candy available thats ready to eat. Our Candee Fluff comes with both blue raspberry and vanilla pink flavors. With this cocktail, the vanilla pink would be the ideal flavor to use.

Once you've chosen your flavor of cotton candy, pick a matching flavor of vodka. If you don't want your drink to be too sweet, then I suggest using a plain flavored vodka. For this recipe, i'm using a cotton candy flavored vodka. Now here are all of the ingredients your going to need to use:

-3 ounces of cotton candy vodka
-1/2 ounce of fruit based liqueur
-2 ounces of cranberry juice
-1/2 ounce of orange juice
-A splash of grenadine
-A handful of cotton candy

Now that you have all of your ingredients, place the handful of cotton candy into a martini glass. Next, add all of your other ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Once the cocktail is thoroughly mixed, pour the liquid over the cotton candy in the martini glass. All thats left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy.

These cocktails are great when it comes to being creative. If you don't want the traditional cotton candy martini, try our Sassy Apple Flossugar to create an Appletini. If you would like to feel like your on a beach, try our Pina Colada Flossugar for a delicious Pina Colada martini. If you want to be adventurous, try mixing and matching out of the 12 different Flossugar flavors till you find the cocktail that pleases you.

In order to use these Flossugar flavors, you're going to need a cotton candy machine. We have a number of different models to choose from (like the Floss Boss 3024) on our website, If your a local customer around Syracuse, New York, you can even come in a rent one of our machines for a day or even a weekend if you don't want to buy one. The possibilities are endless. So come on down or view our website to get started.