Dexter Sani-Safe (01563) Boning Knife, 6", narrow

Cleanly cut meat from bone & tissue. Sani-Safe (01563) Boning Knife, 6", narrow, stain-free, high-carbon steel, textured, poly white handle, NSF, USA Width: 1.6, Depth: 0.75, Height: 11.6
Manufacturer: Dexter Russell
Manufacturer part number: S136N-PCP

Looking for a knife to tackle those delicate meats and fish? SANI-SAFE® 6” Narrow Boning Knife is the right tool for the job. This knife comes with a strong, sharp, and narrow blade, which helps provide control to easily trim, separate, and cut around bone on various types of fish or game. The 6” Boning Knife allows the user to cleanly cut meat away from bone and tissue without damaging or cutting through muscle. (#1563)

  • Width: 3.88, Depth: 0.02, Height: 12.13