Ee Zee Concentrates

Make your own Snow Cone syrup! Ee-Zee Concentrates take all the guesswork out of making your own Sno Kone or Shave Ice syrups. So Simple. Just add sugar & water. Saves space - Saves shipping cost! Click the detail button to select flavors and to order. GM1010+

Convenient pre measured pouches makes Gold Medal's Ee Zee® Concentrate the popular one step product for making syrup. Each pouch makes 1 gallon of syrup. Just open a pouch, add 5 lb. sugar, and enough water to make a gallon. That is all there is to it and you save almost half the cost of pre made syrups. You do not sacrifice quality when you switch to Ee Zee®.

The flavors are compounded by the same chemists that develop all Gold Medal's flavors. They know the problems in flavoring Sno Kones and they compound to give you top notch full strength richly colored syrups.

Ee Zee® Concentrates are packed 10 (4oz.) pouches per Junior Carton.
A Junior Carton makes 10 gallons of syrup which flavors about 1250 Sno-Kones
Also available in Master Case - 100 (4oz.)pouches in 10 cartons

For Slush - Each premeasured pouch will flavor 5 gallons of slush.  To make ¼oz. flavors, simply empty the pouch into a flavor bottle, add water and shake.  Makes 16-20oz. of flavor.  ¼oz. flavors s 9oz. serving.

Sugar Tip: Using only 1oz.of any Sno-Kone concentrate flavor is equivalent to using 1qt. of simple syrup or sugar-free syrup.

These Products are Kosher and Pareve
Chabad Tri-State Kehilah Kosher

Ingredients: Sugar, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavor, Sodium Benzoate, Coloring.

Blue Raspberry Snow Cone Mix gold medal
Ee-Zee Concentrate Blue Raspberry
Manufacturer part number: 1015CT
Ee Zee Concentrates Cherry Snow Cone Mix gold medal
Ee Zee Concentrates Cherry
Manufacturer part number: 1011CT
Ee-Zee Concentrate Lime gold medal 1014
Ee Zee Concentrates Lime
Manufacturer part number: 1014CT
Ee Zee Concentrates Grape gold medal 1012
Ee Zee Concentrates Grape
Manufacturer part number: 1012CT
Ee Zee Concentrates Orange gold medal 1013
Ee-Zee Concentrate Orange
Manufacturer part number: 1013CT
Ee Zee Concentrates Strawberry gold medal 1010
Ee-Zee Concentrate Strawberry
Manufacturer part number: 1010CT