Exciting Pops of Color

If you have ever tried any of our Glaze Pop flavors, you know that the taste and color are fantastic! The flavors range from sweet corn (kettle corn), caramel, blue raspberry, cherry, grape, chocolate, hot cinnamon, and maple. Not interested in any of these flavors? After much trial and error, we have found that you can use Flossugar in place of Glaze pop.

When it comes to popping the corn, add kernels, oil and salt as usual to your kettle. Once you hear a few kernels pop, it's safe to add the Flossugar to the kettle. Depending on the size popcorn machine you have (8 oz. for example) you will add half the amount of Flossugar (4 oz.). It's important to wait until you hear a few kernels pop before adding the Flossugar. This product is sugar based and will burn if aded too early.

The finished product will come out bright in color and taste amazing! There are numerous flavors/colors to choose from that will go along with any event. Check out our website and find the flavor/color that will work best for you! www.popcornsupply.com