FC-6 Shallow Fryer 8082E

Gold Medal 8082E Deluxe FC-6 Funnel Cake Fryer. Perfect for high volume locations. Digital Controls! 230 volts. Holds 62 Lbs. of oil. CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO
Manufacturer part number: 8082E

High-power output in a classic funtion machine. A 6600-watt deluxe fryer with the same cook surface as standard tubular models. The quick heat recovery ensures it's always at ideal temperature for the next batch. Fill it up with a hefty 62 lb. of cooking oil, and watch the high efficiency ribbon element go to work. Includes side-mounted remote power switch.

  • Now with Digital Controls!
  • Quick oil recovery time
  • Ribbon heat element with digital heat control
  • Emergency stop/power off button & safety drain plug
  • With a larger oil capacity, you will crank out the cakes
  • Perfect for high volume locations
  • 6600 watts
  • 230 volts
  • Plug: 6-50P
    58 lbs

15″D x 28.75″W x 26″H
208/240V,6,600 Watts,6-50P Amp Plug


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