Flavor EZ base. Designed to hold and bind the flavor of any seasoning you use. Flavor free, Color free. 30lb. bucket GM2393
Manufacturer part number: 2393

Flavor EZ is that special something that really makes your savory flavorings cover your popcorn!! Just melt a couple of cups of Flavor EZ base to a liquid state (No Hotter Than 110º), mix in with your popped corn then add savory flavor. Use only enough to allow what you want to stick on the product.  You do not want the product to be fully coated nor so much the Flavor EZ is seen or comes off on your hands.

You can easily make your own unique popcorn taste.  Flavor Ez is designed to work with any seasoning. The possibilities are endless when you use this flavor-free, color-free base.

The Flavor EZ is a non dairy base product.  There are no color additives and no distingishing flavor. Because Flavor EZ is an oil based product, gourmet oils such as Truffle, Chili, candy flavor oils, or even Gold Medal's (2329) Alarm Blazin can be added.

Because it's meant to be sticky, Flavor EZ can be used as a pretzel, cracker, chip, etc seasoning. How about Jalapeno Nuts?!

Perfect for use in the 2705 Mini Tumbler or the 2703-00-000 Tumbler with heat lamp & hot plate.

30lb. pail