Floss Bubble - Clip on 3938

Clear Plastic Floss Bubble. Covers 1/2 the bowl. Attaches w/SS clips. Helps reduce "fly around". USE ONLY W/MACHINES THAT HAVE METAL PAN. *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*
SKU: GM3938
Manufacturer part number: 3938

This plastic Floss Bubble covers half the bowl and is attached with stainless steel clips. Floss Bubbles help reduce fly around of the cotton candy. The 3938 Floss Bubble should only be used with cotton candy machines that have a metal pan. Clips to any 25" to 26" (64 to 66 cm) diameter floss bowl. 

 Made from durable, food safe, LLDPE plastic (linear low density polyethylene).
 Stainless steel clips furnished but not installed.

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