Flowerin Onion Cutter 4190

Flowering Onion Blossom Cutter - So easy to prep your Deep Fried Bloomin onion. A Colossal Size Onion is "Flowered" with a quick push.
Manufacturer part number: 4190

Whether you call it "Bloomin", "Blooming", "Flowerin, "Flowering", "Onion Blossom",  or your own specialized name, it's a signature seller that's easier than ever to cut and fry.  

A Colossal Size Onion is "Flowered" with a quick push.  Use Victor Products Flowering Onions Coating Mix to batter and bread the onion. Then watch it open up to crispy, onion goodness when it hits the 375° oil.  Gold Medal's #8073 King 9 Fryer and #8077 Long-Handled Fryer Skimmer Basket are a great combo to fry Onions or Fries. 

Your Onion Blossom Cutter comes to you fully assembled, except for the Suction Feet (Item #5)which are to be screwed into the Base

#4190 Deep-Fried Onion Cutter  11.5"W x 13.5"D x23"H

          Shipping Wt. 20lbs.

Owners Manual

1. Use large (1 – 1½ pound each) white or yellow onions. These are sometimes referred to as “jumbo” or “colossal”. For best results, the onions should be generally shaped like a ball. Flat orsquat onions are more difficult to cut, coat and fry. For best results, keep onions at roomtemperature (70° – 80° degrees F).
2. Cut off the top ¾" – 1" of the onion and peel the first layer or two of skin off. The root must bekept intact.
3. Place the onion in the Blossom Cutter with the root side down and the onion centered under the blades. (NOTE: For almost all applications, the removable base adapter [where the onion sits on the cutter] should remain in place. On occasion, when extremely large onions are used [bigger than 2 LBS], remove the adapter before cutting).
4. With a continuous smooth motion bring the cutter handle down through the onion until thehandle stops.
5. Eject the onion by bringing the handle back up to its original position. If the onion does notcompletely eject itself, carefully push the onion through from the top only.Never pull from thebottom! (CAUTION: VERY SHARP EDGES).
6. Submerge the cut onion, root side down, in a thin batter wash (we recommend Catalog Item #4191, mixed at a rate of 40 oz. water per pound of mix). The batter wash should be about theconsistency of buttermilk or thin pancake batter.
7. Remove the onion and invert to drain excess batter wash.
8. Place the onion, root side down, in a bowl and cover with breading mix (we recommend dry Catalog Item #4191 and your favorite seasoning). Fan the onion petals to make sure that the breading mix covers as many of the batter washed onion petals as possible.NOTE: This takes a little practice.
9. Remove the onion, invert; cover any bare spots with breading, and pat to remove excess breading from the interior of the onion.
10. Place the onion root side up in a deep fryer with 375° F. oil (the King 9 Fryer, Catalog Item #8073, is ideal for this product). This takes a bit of practice but is done easiest by putting the onion on a Catalog Item #8077 Fryer Skimmer (root side up) and holding it with long fryer tongs while lowering the onion carefully into the oil.
11. Fry root side up for about 2 minutes. Flip the onion over (this part is easy) and fry for another 2 minutes.
12. Remove the onion from the oil (using the screen and tongs) and allow to drain and cool for a minute or so.
13. Place the onion on a serving plate and, using the supplied corer, remove the core and root of the onion.
14. Place a dish of your favorite sauce in the center of the blossom and serve.