Glaze Pop Oil Kit with White Coconut Oil

Premeasured Popcorn Kernels & WHITE Coconut Oil. Easy to use with Glaze Pop. To get the truest color, you need WHITE Oil. GM2845 *CLICK ON NAME FOR PACKAGING & PRICING*

When making Caramel Glaze Pop, the most popular flavor, you would use a yellow colored and butter flavored Coconut Oil.  But when popping other flavors, such as Grape, Cherry Pink, Hot Cinnamon, or Blue Raspberry, the color and flavor of the finished product would be affected by the yellow butter flavored oil.  Therefore by using these Glaze Pop Kits without the color and flavor, you produce the truest color and clearest taste possible. No salt in the kits makes the corn sweeter. Perfect size to use in 8oz kettles. We've also used them in 6oz kettles with the same excellent results.  Use ½ a package in 4oz kettles.

Ingredients: Gold Hybrid Popcorn Kernels, White Coconut Oil
Net Wt.: 10.5oz/pkg


Glaze Pop Oil Kit with White Coconut Oil
Glaze Pop Oil Kit with White Coconut Oil CASE
Manufacturer part number: 2845
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