Gold Medal Large Gas Funnel Cake Fryer 5099-00-100

Enough Capacity to quickly fry 6 funnel cakes at 1 time. Also excellent for fried dough, flowering onions, elephant ears, donuts, churros & fried fish. CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR INFO
SKU: GOLD50990-00-100
Manufacturer part number: 5099-00-100

This high output 95,000 BTU LP Gas funnel cake fryer (30" W x 27" D) has a capacity of six 8" funnel cakes and can produce 90 funnel cakes per hour. Equipped with drain, safety pilot, heavy duty jet burners for maximum efficiency and quick recovery time along with an adjustable 200 - 400 degree temperature control. We recommend using an 80-100 lb or larger propane tank. This fryer also works extremely well for other fried items like flower onions, elephant ears, donuts, churros and fried fish. Heavy duty welded Low Boy Cart #5096 is available (sold separately). Equipped with thermostat, safety pilot, and  drain.

This fryer must be attached to a minimum of 80-100 pound LPG cylinder. The unit will not operate properly on small (20-40 lb.) cyli
nders. For outdoor use only.

This fryer must ship by freight truck - shipping weight 220 lbs. After an order is placed we will email the shipping charges for customer approval.
These units normally ship from the Gold Medal factory in Cincinnati, Ohio. Allow 2-4 weeks for shipment.

 This unit is fully assembled and has been tested at the factory.
50 lbs oil capacity
Cooking area: 29.5"  W x 22.5" D
95,000 BTUs / LP Bottle Gas Only. 80-100 lbs. Propane Tank

Gas funnel cake equipment is designed and sold for commercial use only and is not to be used by the consumer for home use. Do not allow direct contact of this equipment by the public when used in food service locations. Only trained and experienced personnel should operate this equipment.

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