Gold Medal Stainless Steel Tornado Model 3005SS

Since introduced in 1962, the Tornado has been a favorite choice of professionals. Average Output: 7 servings per minute.UL Listed. Includes Bowl, Grip & clips. CLICK NAME FOR INFO
Manufacturer part number: 3005SS

Since its introduction in 1962 the Tornado has been a favorite choice of professionals.The operators and the major recreation areas where mega bucks depend on high production dependability and performance. Most of the standards of the industry type features in floss machines were first introduced on the Tornado. Average Output: 7 servings per minute.

*Virtually permanent floss band
*Built in voltage booster
*Four brushes to help prevent brass slip ring wear
UL Listed
Stainless Steel Cabinet
1/3 HP Heavy Duty Motor with sealed ball bearings
Two 7" Ribbons, stacked (no spacer)
Aluminum floss head components
30 amp plug


The 3938 Floss Bubble covers half the bowl and is attached with stainless steel clips. Floss Bubbles help reduce fly around of the cotton candy.

Current Owners Manual

Older Machine Manual


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