Hawaii's Finest Shave Ice Machine Model 1027HD

GM1027HD The professional operators use this powerful Shave Ice Machine work-horse for busy midways, entertainment centers, shopping malls etc. An ice shaved so fine it melts in your mouth!
Manufacturer part number: 1027HD

Gear drive 3/4 HP motor never lets you down. Do you need continuous peak Shave Ice production 10 or 15 hours a day? You'll get it with the GM1027HD  Shave Ice Machine from Gold Medal.

Shave ice is a finely shaved single serving ice product.  Because it's light in both weight and texture, it allows for a better presentation and holds it's flavor better than a Sno kone. Don't be jealous of the Shave Ice operator who has them standing in line for $2.00 a serving when you can't get .75¢ for a Sno Kone on a crowded midway! Beat them at their own game with Hawaii's Finest Shave Ice Machine GM1027HD plus Gold Medals outstanding line of flavor concentrates.

This sturdy 3/4 HP gear drive motor Shave Ice Machine can produce over 300 servings per hour. It will hold 4 lbs. of Ice.  Uses any Cube ice. It will operate on a short extension cord. Rust proof construction throughout. Better suited for higher volume, continuous operation.

36" Cart (GM2936HF) or 48" Wagon with Hawaii's Finest Logo (GM2129HF) are also available.  Top them with an attention grabbing Blue & White
Barrel Awning (Gm2144HFB)

Shipping weight 65 lbs.

15.5"W x 20"D x 21.5"H     840 Watts    120 Volts

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