How Many Servings Will I Get???

Popcorn in 8" Popcorn BagsOne of the most common questions I get from customers is how many servings they can get out of a package or case of Pop Weaver Naks Pak Kits. There are many factors that can play into your outcome. First, what size package are you using? Second, what are you serving your popcorn in? Third, how much are you filling your bags? We have sat down and done our own measurements based on the Paper Popcorn Bags that we offer. Below I will show a break down per package and case. We will be using an 8 inch Paper Popcorn Bag that holds 1 ounce of popcorn. We filled the bags to the top with popcorn, not over flowing.

 Naks Pak 4 oz. Naks Pak Kit for use in 4 oz popper (W104321)
6-8 servings per package - Roughly 288 servings per case

 Naks Pak 6  ozNaks Pak Kit for use in 6 oz popper (W104329)
9-12 servings per package - Roughly 324 servings per case

 Naks Pak 8 oz.Naks Pak Kit for  use in 8 oz popper (W104353)
12-16 servings per package - Roughly 384 servings per case

 Naks Pak 12Naks Pak Kit for use in 12 oz popper (W104334)
18-24 servings per package - Roughly 576 servings per case

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