How To Make Caramel Apples

4017 Caramel Apple Poster.      HOW TO MAKE CARAMEL APPLES

  1. Use clean, dry, apples that are at room temperature. (If apples have a waxed coating, you might have to soak in warm water.) Use thick skinned, fresh as possible, non-bruised apples. Granny Smith, Empire, or other Tart Varieties work well.
  2. Open the 10# can of Caramel Apple Dip and place the open end up into a double boiler (If using Caramel blocks or chunks, place in upper pan of double boiler). Follow the instructions on your double boiler. Make sure there is enough water to cover the sides to within 2” of top of can or insert. Refill water as needed to maintain this level as the water boils off.
  3. Heat to 175°. The best temperature for dipping is 170° to 175°. At 180°F caramel begins to darken. Do not heat over 180°. Depending on the amount of caramel, a full 10# can could take about 3½ hours to melt.
  4. Skewer apples using paper or wood candy apple sticks (about 5.5” in length).                                        A Settersticker works best and makes the job safer.
  5. Holding the apple by the stick, dip the apple into the warm caramel all the way up and over the point where the stick enters the apple and ¼” to ½” up the stick itself to completely seal the apple.
  6. Pull the apple out of the caramel and gently spin to remove excess caramel.
  7. Scrape off (almost to the apple skin) the bottom 1/3rd of caramel from the apple. The warm melting caramel on the top portion of the apple will fill this section in.
  8. Dip apple in chopped nuts or sprinkles, if desired.
  9. Place on parchment paper or lightly greased tray to cool.
  10. To dip next apple, gently swirl the warm caramel only if needed, to remove air bubbles. (These would cause bubbles on the apples). Dip the apple. Thereafter only stir if needed (to prevent excess bubbles)
  11. Let apples cool for 30 minutes before serving or putting in bubbles.
  12. Store the caramel apples in a cool, dry area.

Moisture is the Caramel Apples worst enemy. The apple will begin to absorb moisture from the air as soon as it cools – unless the relative humidity is below 35%. The moisture dilutes the coating and causes it to become sticky and then flow off the apple. The caramel will only stick to the apple for one to two days. It will not stay on the apple for a week!!!

** Evaporated milk may be added to thin the caramel dip. Use 4 to 6 ounces per 8# of caramel. This does change the appearance of the finished apples. They will look very glossy and you can see the apple through the caramel.

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