How to Make White Cotton Candy

                From time to time people need to make white cotton candy but aren’t sure how to do it. It’s very simple; in fact it’s probably simpler than you think. To make white cotton candy, just buy a bag of white cane sugar at your local grocery store. That’s it! Just pour it in your machine and wait for the web of white floss to build up. This will not ruin your machine because traditional flavored/colored “fairy floss” uses sugar as a base with coloring and flavoring added to it.

                If you’re going to be making white cotton candy, try serving it with a color as well. It offers some fun and adds extra flavor. For instance for the fourth of July, make the white cotton candy first, then use Boo Blue Flossugar, followed by Cherry Berry Flossugar or Jolly Berry Strawberry Flossugar. (Always make the white cotton candy first so it won’t be tainted by the colors of the other flavors of cotton candy). Next put a cloud of Boo Blue at the bottom of the bag, followed by the white cotton candy with the Cherry Berry at the very top. You just made a perfect bag or red, white, and blue cotton candy!

                Because floss has so much air in it, you will never be able to get deep intense colors. It will tend to be on the pastel side. So you won’t get red- it will floss pink. (Strawberry is the darkest pink). Also, be sure to seal it tightly. Bagged floss keeps a day or two depending on the humidity.

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