Ice Hopper Extension for BluBear® Shave Ice Machine

Increase production - Increase your profits.The acrylic ice hopper extension with shave ice graphics boosts the potential ice holding capacity of the BluBear hopper to approx. 12 lbs.
SKU: GOLD2748-00-100
Manufacturer part number: 2748-00-100

Not only helps to increase your production but your profits. The Ice Hopper Extension #2748-00-000 increases potential production capability to 12-lb. of cubed ice on the #2747-00-100 BluBear Ice Shaver. Ice chute is made of an acrylic material. acrylic ice hopper extension with shave ice graphics.

Dimensions: 12.5''w x 13.25"d x 22.56''h
Dimensions (cm): 31.75w x 33.65cm x 57.30h
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs.

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Setup and Operate the BluBear Ice Shaver