Impulse Bag Sealer

Impulse Bag Sealing Machines. Heat Seal bags of candy, popcorn, peanuts, etc. with a secure tight fit. Keeps product fresh longer! Makes storage & transport a breeze. *CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO*
Manufacturer: THUNDER GROUP
SKU: GM2089
Manufacturer part number: IRTISH200

It's great for sealing numerous food products for storage or transportation. A great way to ensure freshness of product is to properly wrap and seal it. If you sell baked items, homemade candy, or sandwiches, a sealing machine, such as this, is a great tool to have on hand. Additionally, if you cater or transport food items, such as crudités, this sealer will ensure that your presentation stays intact and your food arrives fresh. This sealing machine is constructed of a cast iron body with an adjustable temperature dial for different bag materials and thickness.

  Works best for PE, PP, or PVC bags.

Impulse sealing for Power-saving.  Precision Electronic control circuit.

Available in 8" (200mm)