Insulated Sno-Kone Chest 1025

Take the refreshing snow cone treats where they need to be with the 1025 Insulated Sno Kone chest. Serving double duty as an all in one ice chest and movable merchandiser. Machine sold separately
SKU: GM1025
Manufacturer part number: 1025

This insulated chest holds 80-90lbs of ice cubes just waiting to get shaved & served!!
Heavy duty 6" casters for easy moving to where you need.
Will accomodate a variety of Sno Kone and shave ice machines
Includes a side shelf and drain valve.

33"W x 31"D x 34.5"H

Must ship by frieght truck  ship weight 53lbs.
This item ships seperately from Cincinatti, OH.

 Sno-Kone Machine not included in price.