Keeping Warm Through Winter With Popcorn

Winter takes a toll on everybody. There's nothing like coming in from the cold weather and warming up with a cup of hot chocolate. Why not skip the liquids and go straight for your favorite salty snack? That's right, you can warm up with the perfect popcorn recipe.

Early last year, Gold Medal Products introduced a new flavor of Flavacol. Ghost Pepper Flavacol #2482. Pop your corn the traditional way with kernels and oil. Instead of adding traditional Flavacol, add the Ghost Pepper Flavacol. This will give a great kick to your popcorn and warm you up on the inside. The instructions have you add double the amount of Ghost Pepper Flavacol than you would traditional Flavacol. However I would start by adding half of that. Ghost Pepper is very spicy. You can always add more to your next batch if it isn't spicy enough. Now get poppin'!