Lemonade Cups and Lids - 16 oz & 32 oz

These eye catching "lemonade" graphic waxed paper cups are sure to make your product stand out! CLICK ON PRODUCT FOR PACKAGE & PRICE
Manufacturers: Solo , GOLD MEDAL PRODUCTS

Waxed Paper Lemonade Cups 16 oz. and 32 oz. Lids sold separately 

5304 Lemonade cups 1000/Case
16 oz. Lemonade Cups 1000/case 5304
Waxed Paper Cup
SKU: GM5304
Manufacturer part number: 5304
32oz. Lemonade Cups 5305
32 oz. Lemonade Cups 480/case 5305
SKU: GM5305
Manufacturer part number: 5305
Cold Cup Lid 12 oz 16 oz 22oz
Cold Cup Lids 5316L
Companion Lids for 12oz & 16oz Caution:Cold Drink Cups, Also for use on 5304 16oz. Lemonade cup ** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO **
SKU: GM5316L
Manufacturer part number: 5316L
Lids for 32oz Lemonade Cups
Lids for 32 oz. Lemonade Cups 960/case
Fits: 28 oz - 32 oz – Translucent - Flat w/Straw Slot 120 Lid/Bag, 8 Bag/Ctn
SKU: GM5333L
Manufacturer part number: L32BN-0100
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