Maple and Apple Cotton Candy

                               Maple and Apple Cotton Candy

                That’s right everyone, it’s officially State Fair season. Typically fairs are a great way of finding new and funky snack foods. This time of year, certain tastes of products sell better than others. So why not change up your cotton candy? When you buy a bag of cotton candy at the fair it’s traditionally the Pink Vanilla and Blue Raspberry Flossugar or Flossine. Well that’s just downright getting old to me. Why not spice things up with some newer flavors like Green Apple or Maple cotton candy. Or even go the next step and throw some Chocolate or Cinnamon in there as well.

                Up North here Maple Cotton Candy has become massively popular. Now you do need to be careful if you’re using real maple sugar to use the right machine. If not done correctly, maple sugar will destroy your equipment. We always recommend using a 3077 Maple Floss Maxx or an X15A Whirlwind that has been converted into a maple machine. Since the maple sugar is so dense and has more moisture than regular cotton candy, you need a machine that is capable of melting it better and incorporating more air into your product. When done correctly, boy does this product sell!  Just a little tidbit - to develop the best product- purchase your maple sugar from a maple producer. If this option isn’t available or you’re in a hurry, we’ve got it covered.  Gold Medal’s #3228 Maple Flossugar is now available.  This complete, Maple flavored premix requires no special treatment. Containing both natural and artificial flavor, it’s ready to pour directly into any cotton candy machine.  There’s nothing like the smell of Maple in the air to evoke visions of the ever favorite pancake breakfast.

                And then there’s the Apple Season. Why not take advantage of that and turn out some Sassy Apple Cotton Candy? You can even spice things up by putting a mound of Sassy Apple floss and then Cherry floss in the same bag. It’s a knock off of a candy apple! The cherry represents the hard cherry coating that the apples are dipped into.  Another flavor that always goes well with apple is Cinnamon. Hot Cinnamon (#3469) is a Flossine Concentrate– the powdered ingredient added to sugar to make homemade Flossugar. Now the cinnamon is hot, but who doesn’t love a little spice in their life.  Right?

                Chocolate & Strawberry, Pina Colada & Lime - now these are merely suggestions. Feel free to find your own unique mix of flavors with either the ready-to-use Flossugar or the “make your own” Flossine Concentrate. It’s a way to help you stand out amid your competition. We offer 14 different flavors of pre-mixed Flossugar and 14 different flavors of Flossine Concentrate to choose from.

Obviously different regions prefer select flavors. While Apple and Maple are very popular up here in New York, find what works for you and run with it!

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