Movie Theater Experience at Home

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? But by now, with today’s technology many of us don’t need to take the time or expense to even leave the house. From our large high definition televisions, HD DVD players and incredible surround home theater audio systems, many of us can rival the theater experience from the comfort of our own home. But even with dedicated rooms, theater style seating and many of the other bells & whistles associated with the movie going experience, to me the one thing that almost everyone is missing, is the popcorn!

I’m not talking about some paper bag that you throw in the microwave or some store bought raw kernel that you try to manipulate in your spaghetti pot. I’m talkin’ ‘bout real movie popcorn! That unbelievable aroma that smacks you in the face the second you walk in to the building. And the only way to get real movie popcorn is with a real popcorn machine. And the good news is, that a real popcorn machine is available to anyone.

Commercial popcorn machines usually range in capacity of 4oz. to 16oz. (which is also the amount of servings they pop per cycle). Popping cycles take only around 3 minutes. So by the time you get that DVD open & loaded, your fresh hot popcorn will be ready for the opening credits. Combine your popcorn machine with the little details such as popcorn cups or bags, real popcorn butter or Flavacol flavored butter seasoned salt.

A popcorn machine is easy to use, easy to clean and will keep your popcorn fresh and hot. You’ll blow your friends and family away by creating an authentic movie theater experience at home. So for as little as the price of a good DVD player, consider a popcorn machine – and enjoy the show!