Mrs. Anderson's Apple Corer Slicer

Quickly prepares all types of apples & pears. Makes 12 Smaller wedges. Non-Stick Stainless Steel with Aluminum Handle. Dishwasher Safe *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*
Manufacturer: Harold Import Company
SKU: HARL43796
Manufacturer part number: 43796

 The non-stick blades slice through and release wedges much easier than traditional corers to help save time during food preparation. Narrower-cut wedges that are equally sliced look nicer and cook evenly in less time. Quickly make 12 thin slices for salads, entrees, desserts, and perfectly sized snacks for kids. Great when cooking apples for a homemade applesauce, pear butter or apple butter recipe, or for making pear salad, pear tart or apple pies, canning, and more.

Core and slice 12 wedges in just seconds! Simply center the corer over the apple or pear and press downward with a firm pressure until the blades reach the bottom. The core and fruit wedges easily release from the blades. Made from non-stick stainless steel with aluminum handle for easy slicing and release. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Item Measurement 6.5"L X4.25"W X 1.75"H WT 3.86 oz
  • Mrs. Anderson's Non-stick Apple Corer Slicer cores and slices 12 thin wedges from all types of apples and pears in just seconds with a single action
  • Made from non-stick stainless steel for easier cutting and wedge release with aluminum handle; cuts 12 thinner, evenly sized slices
  • Make fresh pineapple fruit recipes quickly, like pineapple cake, grilled pineapple and pineapple salsa
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning; dishwasher safe