Mushroom Popcorn

I know the name sounds weird. With Mushroom Kernels, they get their name from the way they pop - round. They don't actually taste like mushrooms! They are traditionally used for Caramel, Canied, and Kettle Corn. Opposed to the traditional Yellow Kernel, The Mushroom Kernel has more surface area and less edges that break off which make it perfect for coating.

If you are looking to make any type of candied or sweet corn, then I would start with either the Monster Mushroom Kernel or our Caramel and Sweet Kernel. Next, I would pick a flavor to go with it. You can always make "candied corn" in a traditional popcorn machine if you don't have a Corn Treat Cooker. This can be accomplished using any of our Glaze Pop flavors. Simply add the flavor to your kettle along with the kernels and coconut oil. If you do happen to have a Corn Treat Cooker then you can use any of the many Corn Treat flavors that we supply.

By adding a sweet corn to your variety of flavors it helps diversify. Depending on the customers mood, they are either looking for salty or sweet. Maybe even a mixture of Cheese and Caramel corn. It's the best of both worlds. All of our flavors are available online and ready for purchase at