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Mega Pop Complete Kits For 8oz Popper CASE SPECIAL

Pop Weaver Complete Popcorn Kits for 8oz Kettles. BUY 5 or MORE CASES - Get 10% OFF! ENTER COUPON CODE - NAKSPAK - TO CHECKOUT CART. - (24/10.6oz Pkg./Case)***If you require a quantity and have a loading dock please call for a freight cost***
SKU: W104353S
Manufacturer part number: 2838

Pop Weaver Gold Popcorn, Oil (Coconut), Butter Flavoring, & Butter Seasoned Salt (Flavacol). Everything you need in one complete kit.

GM2838 Mega Pop CASE 24/10.6oz (Includes weight of Oil & Flavacol)

Handy, accurately measured packages. Precisely the right Premeasured amount. No waste. No Spills. No Moisture loss.
Superior Pop Weaver Gold kernels assure bigger, fluffier, tastier popcorn batch after batch.

Just add the pre-measured ingredients into the kettle and Let 'em pop. You get large, perfectly delicious, fluffy butterfly popcorn every time - without much training, added inventory or quality issues.

These kits hold a special hybrid "Weaver Gold" popcorn and Flavacol flavored salt on one side. The other side contains butter flavored & colored Coconut Oil. Cut the oil side of the packet and squeeze into a warm kettle. Cut the corn & salt side and pour into the kettle immediately after the oil melts.  Close the lid and "Let the popping begin!"  The correct amount of both oil and corn results in fluffier, bigger kernels and fewer "Old Maids".       

All Natural, No Cholesterol, No Trans Fat, No Preservatives, No Gluten, No Dairy, No Peanuts, No Tree Nuts
Whole Grain Popcorn - A Good Source of Fiber