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Outdoor Popcorn Popper. Light weight & ultra portable open fire popper. Makes 4 quarts of perfect popcorn in just 4-5 minutes. Ideal to take on Fishing trips, camping, hiking, backyard cookouts. CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR DETAILS!
Manufacturer part number: 27008

Inspired by the original Whirley Pop, the Open-FIre Pop was created so that the same great tasting popcorn could now be enjoyed in the great outdoors.

Rediscover outdoor fun! Transform any open fire event into the perfect gathering at home, on the beach, or wherever your travels take you with the Open-Fire Pop.  Ideal to take on Fishing trips, camping, hiking, backyard cookouts. Lightweight and compact.  The Open FIre popper weighs only 1.5 lbs.  The quick release, telescoping handle makes packing/storage a breeze.

Storage is so convenient. A strong, rugged nylon strap is ideal for hanging at campsites or home storage. The sturdy, telescoping 2 Foot handle lets you easily make delicious, fluffy popcorn over a campfire, fireplace or backyard grill while keeping your hands away from the heat.

So easy to use - the comfortable and ergonomic rubber grip handle stays cool while offering a slip resistant hold during popping using the old time "shake and pop" method.  Easily cleanup by using the removable lid with quick release clips. Just wipe with a paper towel and store for later use.


How To Make Great Popcorn:

1. Add 2-3 Tablespoons and 1/3 Cup Popcorn to the Popper and gentle Shake over fire. (Use our Pop Weaver Kits. W104321 Complete Popcorn Kit  for easy use and storage.)
2. In 4-5 minutes, your popcorn will be perfect and ready to eat.