Pan Gripper, 8" AMME9525

Nickel-Plated Pan Gripper, 8", nickel plated tempered steel, for use with Flat or Shallow Pans. (Hand wash only) AMERICAN METALCRAFT 9595 *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*
Manufacturer part number: 9525

 These grippers securely clamp onto the edges of hot pans and protect your hands from burns. Designed with user satisfaction as the top priority, these grippers are highly durable and made of top quality materials.

Retrieve your pizza pans out of the oven safely and efficiently with this nickel-plated pan gripper! Measuring at a length of 7-7/8″, this gripper securely clamps onto the edge of hot pans and protects your hands from burns. It works best for transferring flat or 1″-deep shallow pizza pans. This gripper’s heavy-tempered steel construction can withstand the everyday wear and tear of commercial kitchens, so you will be able to rely on it for years on end. Use this pan gripper at your pizzeria, restaurant, bakery, or hotel kitchen. Hand wash only.

Pan Gripper, 8". Silver nickel plated tempered steel. Use 9525 with shallow pans such as American Metalcraft CAR, DEP and 4000 Series. (hand wash only)

Nickel-Plated Pan Gripper. Crafted from heavy-tempered steel.