Plain White Cotton Candy Cones

The classic paper cone best for enjoying a fresh make Candy Floss treat. These Gold Medal cones are the strongest Floss Cones available! Sold in boxes of 300, 1000, and in cases of 1200 or 4000 *** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR PACKAGING & PRICES ***

These cotton candy cones are made of heavy weight tough fiber Southern Kraft paper. They're plain white with out any printing or decoration. The important triple wrap of the handle end assures strength. These are the strongest Floss cones available.

Total length is about 12" with a diameter of about 1¼" at the widest end. This makes pulling the floss out of the machine easy and sanitary.  This adds old-fashined flair and is best for enjoying cotton candy immediately.  It's best to use a sealed poly bag for floss to last longer.

Sold in boxes of 300, 1000, and in cases of 1200 or 4000.

Cotton Candy Cones bx/300
White Cones 300/box
SKU: GM33211
Manufacturer part number: 3321
Cotton Candy Cones Case/1200
White Cones 4 bxs of 300/1200cs.
SKU: GM3321
Manufacturer part number: 3321
Cotton Candy Cones bx/1000
White Cones 1,000 per box
SKU: GM30211
Manufacturer part number: 3021
Cotton Candy Cones Case/4000
White Cones Case of 4000
SKU: GM3021
Manufacturer part number: 3021