Popcorn Flavorings for Commercial Use

Are you involved with or have a gourmet popcorn shop of your own? Just like our popcorn flavorings for at home use, we have bulk flavors for commercial use. Whether you produce sweet or savory popcorn, we’re your one stop shop. We have a number of different flavors and products that will help you develop a rich flavorful popcorn kernel.

                For the perfect sweet corn, try our Basic Corn Treat Mix. Add this to your corn treat cooker (follow directions on package) and just before you reach 275 degrees add in your Corn Treat Flavor Mix of choice. Our Corn Treat Flavor Mixes are available in 15 different flavors as seen on our website. Looking for savory flavor mixes? There are 13 different powderedSavory Popcorn Flavors to choose from. What about that awesome cheddar popcorn that you find at gourmet popcorn shops? Cheddar Easy is our most popular cheddar cheese paste. It has a creamy, delicious yellow cheddar taste and smell. There's even a White Cheddar Easy for the White popcorn lover.

                These flavors are crowd favorites and are a sure thing to keep business steady. To see all of the flavors we have available check out our website www.popcornsupply.com. Or if you know what you want, here is the page for our savory flavors and the page for our sweet flavors and cheddar paste mixes. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to experiment! That’s where some of the best flavor combinations come from.

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