Popcorn & Nut Salt - 26oz

Morton Finely flaked salt with NO yellow coloring or butter flavor. Evenly coats Popcorn, roasted nuts, french fries, etc. Essential for making kettle corn. - Product of USA *CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO*
Manufacturer: MORTON SALT, INC

Morton super fine grained salt is especially made for popcorn. But it's also wonderful for green salads, corn on the cob, french fries, etc.

Popcorn salt features fine flake-type crystals that cling evenly to each of the kernels. These crystals offer much more surface area than ordinary granulated salt.  The result is a popcorn salt with ultra-fine texture, exceptional adherence and pure flavor that delivers one great performance after another.

Net Wt. 26oz (1lb. 10oz (737g)).

Ingredients: Salt and Tricalcium Phosphate   This salt does not Supply Iodine.

Popcorn & Nut Salt
Popcorn & Nut Salt - 26 oz.
SKU: VI100001
Manufacturer part number: 8040
Popcorn & Nut Salt - case Morton
Popcorn & Nut Salt - case of 24/26oz.
SKU: VI10000
Manufacturer part number: 8040