Popcorn Scoop - Left Hand Perforated 2084

GM2084 The Professional's Scoop! LEFT Handed Perforated SS Jet Scoop. Scoop and fill your container at the same time you get rid of the unpopped kernels! ** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO **
Manufacturer part number: 2084

Made from brushed Stainless Steel, it's made to last.  Easy to clean.  This flat bottomed Popcorn Scoop is tapered at one end to easily gather the popcorn and fill boxes, bags, or bowls.  The perforations along the bottom and sides allow the "Old Maids" to drop out and leave only the big fluffy kernels. The red plastic handle keeps it from getting to warm to touch.

Overall Length - 10½"

Scoop 7"/2¾"W x 7½"L x 1¾"Depth