SKEWER 18 saratoga swirls

18" Wood Skewers for Tornado Potato Fries, Ribbon Fries or Saratoga Swirls on a stick!. Easily nsert in the Tornado Fry Motorized Cutter 5280M.
SKU: GM4159
Manufacturer part number: 4159

It's only Saratoga if it's a spud on a stick. Our Saratoga Swirls® 18" Skewers #4159 are designed to work in tandem with the #5280-00-100 Saratoga Swirls® Fry Cutter. (Case Count: 2,000)

Saratoga Swirls® are spiraled around a stick, making them easy to eat and carry. Shake on Savory Shake flavors or dip into ketchup, BBQ, or more. The versatile #5280M also makes ribbon fries they are typically served off the stick in the tray and apples. Ribbon apples are another sweet, fried treat that has a low food cost, and stops people in their tracks and opens wallets to splurge on this unique goody. Complete the package with 18-inch skewer sticks (#4159)