Smoothie O Non Dairy Powder One 30oz. bag GM1216ND1

Smoothies are one of the hottest frozen beverages being offered today. This creamy yogurt mix is the perfect start to any smoothie, a special-blended best-seller that only needs fresh fruit to complete. Kosher (but not Non Chalav Yisrael Dairy) HALAH *** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO ***
SKU: GM1216ND1
Manufacturer part number: 1216ND

A Smoothie is a blend of yogurt and fresh fruit. Add one 30 oz. pouch and water to make one gallon. Keep it refrigerated after mixing. Use about a cup (8 ozs.) per drink plus one cup of fresh or frozen fruit. Mix thoroughly in blender. See our How To section for sample recipes.
How to make Smoothies

Halal compliant under ISA and in accordance with Islamic Law.