Sno Kones vs. Shave Ice

Depending on where you grew up, you may remember enjoying a Sno Kone or a Shave Ice (also known as a Snowball) as a child. Don't know the difference? Sno Kone is a loosely used term for a frozen ice treat. However, there is a large diference between a Sno Kone and Shave Ice.

The major difference is the ice and whether it's shaved or crushed. Sno Kones used cubed ice through there machines which finely crush the ice. It is then scooped into a cone and topped with syrup. Shave Ice however traditionally uses ice blocks. Blades shave these blocks (or cubes) to create a snow-like texture. Instead of scooping, the cup is held underneath while the ice is being shaved. Think of it more like Soft Serve vs. Hard Ice Cream in terms of texture and serving. Shave Ice is also topped with a flavoring that can be syrup or a custard style.

One advantage you may find with Shave Ice vendors is that they tend to offer a larger variety of flavors. Sno Kones tend to be limited to 5 different flavors. Either way, both treats are delicious and refreshing on a hot summers day.

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