SnoKone Dipper Blue Plastic

This heavy duty Plastic Dipper portions out the correct amount of ice and desired shape for Sno Kones 0r Shaved Ice. Lightweight! GM1088
SKU: GM1088
Manufacturer part number: 1088


Used for portioning both Sno Kones and Shaved Ice.  Made by Gold Medal, this lightwight plastic dipper is used for 5oz. and 6oz. cups or cones. The nice long handle lets you reach into the machine to scoop the ice without touching it with your hands. Ice easily slips out of the dipper into the cone in perfect form! Your arm doesn't get as tired when doing a lot of cones because of the lighter weight.  The blue color stays clean looking in the ice.

Measures: 11½"L  - 3¼"OD