Sweet Summer Time

One of my favorite things about summer is the Great New York State Fair. At the same time it's a bit saddening because that means summer is officially over. But back to the Fair! Every year there are a few staple foods that I have to eat before the Fair ends. First, I always start off with a corn dog, yum. Next, I need something sweet. Funnel cake it is! Now that i've had 2 foods that consist of mostly carbs, I need something to wash it down, lemonade. Oh the fresh taste of Fair lemonade, always a highlight for me.

The lemonade has always been my favorite. I rarely have enough time to sit down and squeeze lemons to make it fresh. The grocery store powders can never come close. But with much trial and error, I have surprisingly found a lemonade mix that can stand up to the challenge, DominAde. It's ready to use, just simply add water and stir. What's nice about this mix is that it also has Vitamin C aded to it. Most mixes from the grocery store are just sugar and artificial flavors. DominAde actually has vitamins added in! Try a bag and see what you think.