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Bag Sealer 2089

Impulse Bag Sealing Machines. Heat Seal bags of candy, popcorn, peanuts, etc. with a secure tight fit. Keeps product fresh longer! Makes storage & transport a breeze. *CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO*

Stainless Steel Worktable

Stainless Steel table - perfect for holding Popcorn, Sno Kone, or other fun equipment. Suitable for so many uses! CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO

Metal Dredge with Handle - 10 oz.

This 10ounce Aluminum "Shaker" Dredge is ideal for dispensing Salt, Seasonings, Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, and more. Featuring an easy handling handle and uniform holes. - DR-AL - ** ** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO **

Metal Popcorn Scoop 12 oz.

Small Aluminum scoop tapered to hold dry & wet products. Rust-proof. Good for filling small 8" popcorn bags.