Victors Red Candy Apple Magic VICT0010000

Make homemade Red Cherry Candy Apples just like you buy at the County Fair. Just add Sugar & Water! Made in USA

Directions: Add contents of the bag to 5 lbs. of sugar and 1 pint of water. Be sure that the sugar and Magic are dissolved before boiling starts. Stir briefly to secure an even texture. Turn heat off at 290-300 degrees F and start dipping. After dipping, spin the apple to remove excess candy. Place on greased pan or tray. If the mix cools down too much to dip, turn on the heat for a short time. Each 15 oz. bag will coat 70-100 apples.

Apples should be purchased direct from a Produce Wholesaler and should not have any coatings. Apples purchased from Grocery Stores will have coatings that may cause the Apple Magic not to adhere properly to the apple.

Victors Candy Apple Magic and Gold Medals Appl-EZ are the most popular mixes in the industry. Both mixes work equally well.

Sold by the bag Item #VI41561 or by the case of 18 bags Item #VI4156
Net Wt. 15oz.
Contains: Destrose, Imitation Flavor, Red #40, Mono-Diglycerides, Disodium Phosphate.

Candy Apples for All Events

Cherry Candy Apple Magic Single Package
Victors Red Candy Apple Magic PACKAGE

1 - 15 oz. package

SKU: VICT0010000
Manufacturer part number: 4156
Cherry Candy Apple Magic Case
Victors Red Candy Apple Magic CASE

Case of 18 - 15 oz. packages

SKU: VICT0010000
Manufacturer part number: 4156